Teresa Chandler is a singer/songwriter, comedienne, improvisor, writer and actor.


....she pulled that Taylor in just a little bit tighter, and basically tore the place down. ....she channeled the first blues singers like Ma, and Bessie and Sippy Wallace and made that guitar absolutely sing. It is sometimes said that the esteem of one’s peers is the true measure of the artist. ....It just doesn’t come a whole lot more rare and lovely than this. ”

— Gene Henriksen - Music Historian

Teresa doesn’t just sing a little ditty, she reaches into the ethereal past of all women and brings forth a bit of our soul, garnered in a corner few dare to go into, and drenches us in melody from a throaty voice and an aching heart...Encore! Encore!”

— ENTERTAINMENT - The Lavender Network

Teresa Chandler & Mumble Something

Janet (Jake) Lampert & Jason Becker

Teresa Chandler & Mumble Something

Janet (Jake) Lampert & Jason Becker

The stylistic diversity is incredible, as is the vocal range between understated-intimate and big -voiced emotions. Teresa Chandler does for love what Joni Mitchell did for clouds and what Judy Fjell does for trees: Allows us to experience them from several worthwhile perspectives. ”

— Hot Notes - Laura Post

In person, Teresa Chandler is shy and soft spoken. Alone with a guitar she's an experienced performer who knows how to use her voice. On the CD, she's a presence. Druthers is highly recommended. It's a bargain at CDBaby or through the iTunes store. ”

— Bartcop Entertainment - Baron Dave Romm


Saturday, August 11, 10:00 - Noon 

At Hudson Farmers Market on Carmichael

Teresa Chandler and Mumble Something

We are thrilled to be playing at my favorite Farmer's Market. Come on down and bring a chair and join us while we play for the customers and the great vendors of fresh, local produce. Load up on sweet corn, vine-ripened tomatoes, crisp cucumbers,  melons, robust heads of lettuce (not that weak wilty stuff that you get in the grocery aisle) fresh flowers, and all the other summer harvest delights you can only get for a few short months.

Bring your own bags to fill with produce and a folding chair if you want to sit and stay a while for the music.

Hope to see you there! 

WEATHER DEPENDENT..... SIGH..... We've been rained out of many shows this summer. 


A great night of music at Swirl Wine Club

A great night of music at Swirl Wine Club

Previous events

Teresa Chandler and Mumble Something

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Swirl Wine Club, 3291 St Croix Trail S, , Afton, MN 55001

We had such a great time last weekend, Swirl Wine Club has asked us back for this Saturday. This is an outdoor show on their lovely patio so dress accordingly and keep an eye on the sky - the show is "weather permitting."

Teresa Chandler & Mumblesomething

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Swirl My Wine, 3291 St Croix Trail S, , Afton, MN 55001

Come enjoy a beautiful Fall evening on the Patio! Music, great food, a fantastic wine selection (and non-alcoholic choices). It promises to be a mild Fall evening - and we won't have many of those left before the snow flies. Still.... bring a jacket! See you there!

MINNEAPOLIS HOUSE CONCERT Teresa Chandler & Mumblesomething

House Concert, Minneapolis, MN

Please join us for a night of fun and music!

Hosted by Ann Viviano and John Thompson.

There will be a donation basket. All monies go to the performer. We love supporting independent musicians who bring live music into our homes! There will be snacks and beverages, please feel free to bring something to share. After the show, stick around for the music circle. Bring your instrument, sing along or just stay and enjoy more live music.

for directions, more info and to RSVP please contact John and Ann: jthompson@obermanthompson.com


A house concert is a chance to experience music in a warm and intimate environment. It's when someone opens up their home and invites you into their living room to share in a performance by one of their favorite musicians.

Teresa Chandler and The Mumble Somethings, Home for the Holidays

Concert Window live streaming show

Tune into Concert Window from anywhere in the world for a half-hour live streaming show. Pay what you want. We'll be chatting and taking requests from the Red Room in Minneapolis.

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House Concert! 

There is nothing quite like playing in an intimate setting to a listening audience. We have such a great time playing and we love to see you there!

Snowy days 

We had a great time playing our Home for the Holidays show on Concert Window. Thanks to everyone who tuned in! Just knowing that old and new friends were able to watch the show from their cozy homes was really a treat! We managed to wrangle the tech monsters and learned a lesson or two that will help us run smoother next time. I was halfway to the Red Room when I realized I had forgotten to pack the new webcam that I had ordered just for the show.  I considered going back for it but decided that an extra hour of driving wasn't worth it. So, Jason and Arlyn and I dug through all the bits and pieces and pulled it together - we all kind of enjoy playing Apollo 13, anyway. 

Today has been a relaxing day. A few brief forays outdoors, crunching through the snow to feed horses and do barn chores and then back in the house to warm up with homemade bread and minestrone soup. The dogs and cats are curled up sleeping (and snoring) and reminding me that every now and then it is a good thing to just take a day off. I'm a happy, grateful woman.

Home for the Holidays -Concert Window Show 

A year or so ago I tried to do an online show with Mean Mary. We were doing  house concerts and thought it would be fun to broadcast the second show live online. Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties that made us sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks so we ended up cancelling the show. 

There is so much involved in being an independent musician and it's easy to get distracted by the technical demands. That can be challenging when all you really want to do is make good music and be present. So we've been setting everything up in the Red Room and I hope that this time we can just hit the broadcast button and turn our attention to the part we love to do.  It is kind of a magical thing - being able to tune in and watch a show from the comfort of your own living room or boat or wherever you like to be. I'm really looking forward to this.